Terms of use of e-resources under license

The e-resources (e-journals, e-books and databases) that the University Library provides in the university community are subject to a number of conditions used by the license agreements through which are acquired or subscribed by Library Consortium or Bugalicia.

Briefly about the conditions of use:

  • Resource usage is allowed only for authorized users these understood as the members of the university community of the University of Vigo, who always access from computers with IP address that ranges to the computer network of the university. However most of publishers are also allowed to remote access to the content through a proxy.

More information about access via proxy.

  • The editors also usually allow access and use of resources to people who are outside of the university community. The access in the University of Vigo is verified by computers installed in the libraries of the University of Vigo (walk-in users).
  • The authorized users read, print and download content if it is a purpose for their study, research, teaching or non-profit. Any other use must express authority of the publisher. In all cases you must cite the source of those obtained documents.
  • It is not allowed to download massive documents, download magazines and books in their entirety, nor the substantial parts of databases. It is not allowed to authorize the commercial use of the information contained in these resources. If they violate this prohibition publishers can take legal action against the offending person and penalize the university community denying, canceling or cut off the access to resources.

If any questions about these terms and conditions of use or a resource contact: referencia@uvigo.es